Staff Behaviour Policy

Fitt4kids expects all members of staff to follow our Staff Behaviour Policy, which sets clear guidance on the standards of behaviour required from our staff and volunteers. The guidance aims to encourage staff to meet the highest possible standards of conduct. Fitt4kids staff are in a position of trust and influence as role models for the children in their care, and as such must demonstrate behaviour that sets a good example to all users of the setting.

Fitt4kids staff also have a responsibility to maintain their reputation and the reputation of Fitt4kids, both during and outside of working hours. 


Our staff team are ambassadors for Fitt4kids and we expect them to conduct themselves professionally at all times. Staff should treat anyone attending Fitt4kids (children, parents/carers and visitors) courteously and with respect.

We expect staff to value all the children as individuals and to comply with the Club’s Equalities policy at all times.

Swearing and abusive behaviour are not tolerated from anyone at Fitt4kids. If any member of staff exhibits such behaviour they will be subject to the Fitt4kids disciplinary procedures.

For more details see our Aggressive Behaviour policy and Staff Disciplinary policy.

Dress code

Whilst working at Fitt4kids staff will need to help to set up and pack away the setting and  engage in physical activities with the children. The clothing and footwear worn should be chosen accordingly, taking into account comfort, health and safety, and practicality. Revealing or excessively tight clothing is not acceptable.

Whilst on duty all staff should wear the approved Fitt4kids sweatshirt / T shirt / Jackets/Hoodies at all times, Fitt4kids will allow staff to wear their own Black shorts and bottoms.

Confidentiality and social media

Staff must not pass on any information about children attending Fitt4kids, or their parents and families, to third parties without their permission. The only exception to this rule is information sharing with specific external agencies if there is a safeguarding issue. (‘Third parties’ includes other parents, friends, other children at the Club, the press, etc.)

Posting any material relating to Fitt4kids or its users on social media sites (unless expressly permitted by the Director) is forbidden. Any staff who breach this rule will face disciplinary action.

See our Data Protection policy, Social Media policy, Safeguarding policy and Staff Disciplinary policy for more details.

Use of mobile phones and cameras

As the facility doesn’t have a phone Staff must keep their personal mobile phones on them at all time for emergencies.

If staff requires to make a private call, they must inform lead coach and take the call privately.

Staff may only use their camera to take photographs of children at the Club, except with the express permission of the Director, photos are sent to the Director OR Operations Manager at Fitt4kids who may use the pictures for advertising ect, once staff members have sent the pictures across photos are deleted immediately.

See our Mobile Phone policy, Safeguarding policy and Staff Disciplinary policy for more details.

Smoking, alcohol and drugs

Staff are not permitted to smoke anywhere on the Fitt4kids premises, including the outside play areas.

Staff are not permitted to bring alcohol or illegal drugs onto the Fitt4kids premises. If a member of staff arrives at work under the influence of alcohol or drugs they will be asked to leave immediately and disciplinary action will be taken.

If a member of staff is taking prescription drugs which might affect their ability to function effectively, they must inform the Manager immediately.

Any prescribed medication needed by a staff member whilst at the Fitt4kids, must be stored safely in the the medication box in the locked store cupboard  out of reach and sight of the children attending the Fitt4kids.

See our Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs policy for more details.


Gross misconduct

Staff will be dismissed without notice if they are found to have committed an act of gross misconduct. Examples of gross misconduct include, but are not restricted to:

  • Child abuse
  • Failing to comply with health and safety requirements
  • Physical violence
  • Ignoring a direct instruction given by the Director or Operations Manager
  • Persistent bullying, sexual or racial harassment
  • Being unfit for work through alcohol or illegal drug use
  • Theft, fraud or falsification of documents
  • Being disqualified under the terms of the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (Section 75 of the Childcare Act 2006) or the Children’s Act 1989.

The Director will investigate the alleged incident thoroughly before any decision to dismiss is made. For full details see our Staff Disciplinary policy.