Missing Child Procedure

At Fitt4kids we are always alert to the possibility that children can go missing during sessions. To minimise the risk of this happening staff will carry out periodic head counts, particularly when transporting children between locations (eg walking from Fit4kids to the School).

If a child cannot be located, the following steps will be taken:

  • All staff will be informed that the child is missing.
  • Staff will conduct a thorough search of the premises and surrounding area.
  • After 10 minutes the police will be informed. The Fitt4kids staff member will then contact the child’s parents or carers.
  • Staff will continue to search for the child whilst waiting for the police and parents to arrive.
  • We will maintain as normal a routine as possible for the rest of the children at the Fitt4kids.
  • Fitt4kids staff member will liaise with the police and the child’s parent or carer.

The incident will be recorded in the Incident Log. A review will be conducted regarding this and any other related incidents along with relevant policies and procedures. We will identify and implement any changes as necessary.

If the police or Social Care were involved in the incident, we will also inform Ofsted.


Useful numbers

Police: 999

Social Care: 01926 410410

Ofsted: 0300 123 1231