Our Team


I am the Owner/ Director of Fitt4kids which means I do everything! Haha

When I’m not doing the admin, staff training, safeguarding (DSL) side of the business, I go out to deliver sessions to our primary schools and Nurseries

I have been coaching since I was 16 and I am now 35 so a total of 19 years (2023)  

The best thing about coaching is seeing the development in the children you coach, whether that is the physical or mental side of the children and knowing you are a role model to these children.

The team, having a good team around you makes the difference. I encourage staff input all the time whether that’s face to face, our WhatsApp group or training days its important to support and help each other to improve and try and be the best version of ourself as we all have different abilities and traits

The best bit of advice I could give you is to be a sponge and what I mean by that is you want to absorb as much information as you can to better yourself and then practice what you have learnt. Remember PRACTICE MAKES BETTER! Not perfect because no one can be perfect! 

My favourite sport is football but I like playing and watching all sports really, F1,rugby, badminton, tennis, cricket and snooker.

Me and my dad are season ticket holders at Aston villa (We sit in the lower Holte).

Me and my wife have 2 energetic boys called Archie and Freddie.

I have been lucky enough to of trained with some top professional footballers and coaches in my younger days as well as playing against Australia under 20s in a match we drew 1-1. Coaches and players, I have trained with Paul Reynolds, Eric Steele (AKA the Guru), Dave Watson, Barry Powell, Dave Phillips, Gareth Barry, and Thomas Sorensen.


Coaching school children in PE in every aspect of sport. After school
clubs, breakfast club, parties, Nurseries, and coaching children in

I have been coaching now for about 13 years.

I became a coach because I enjoy sport and I wanted to teach school
children the skills of sport in a fun way where they can learn.

I like working for Fitt4kids because its an enjoyable company to work
for. It brings training and support, and we all work as a team to help
one another to build up a great reputation for the company.

I would give advice to my younger self, if you are a confident person who believes that they can achieve their goals by doing something that they enjoy doing and wants to teach younger children something that they enjoy {sport} then go for it because it’s a career that you would go far in.

Football, Formula one and running.

I support Coventry City, I like listening to Coldplay and I like to go to
the cinema with my friends.


I have been coaching since mid 2021.

To become a positive influence on the pupils I coach and deliver fun sessions and activities for them to enjoy

Its a close knit working environment where everyone is happy to help one another

Try and be a role model that I’d like to be coached by.

My favourite holiday destination is America
I’d like to learn a new language
I support Arsenal


My role at Fitt4kids is to help and assist other coaches when needed, I also take charge of after school clubs at a few different schools.

I’ve been coaching since November 2022.

I became a coach because I studied sports coaching while I was at college and it’s something that comes natural to me as I have been playing sports since I was a child. I like the idea of helping others improve via my knowledge of the sport and what I’ve learnt over the years.

I like working for Fitt4kids because it is a very good environment to work in and all the staff are helpful and kind. We all help each other when needed and give each other new ideas to help improve our sessions.

Some advice I’d give my younger self would be to focus on the things you like doing and try to improve on those things to make yourself better as a person.

My favourite sport is football

3 other things about me are that I support Wolverhampton Wanderers and go to watch them every home game. I like spending time with friends as much as I can. I also used to play cricket at county level for oxfordshire.


I am a sports coach for FITT 4 Kids.

Hard to say, but I would say on and off about ten years. Two of those years have been full time with FITT 4 Kids.

At first it was just a stepping stone into a sports job as like millions, I wanted to be a full time football player. Of course that did not happen but the reason for me coaching has since changed very early on with my coaching and has evolved. I enjoy coaching and it is a fun job, then in my twentys I wanted to try to become a role model and try to push kids on bettering themselves (and I am glad to say it is still fun).

I get to teach sports, push them to try to think outside the box and it can be a very fun and rewarding job.

Learn to drive as soon as possible! The only other thing I would say is to get out there more often and challenge yourself.

Boring answer I am afraid, it is football.

I love my gaming so if I was not doing coaching that would be the kind of job I would be aiming for. I love my food! Lastly I love to walk, I have and will walk for hours to get to places if needed.


I am a Sports Coach with Fitt4Kids during the term time period in multiple schools, during our holiday clubs I am the lead coach at our Alveston School Multisports and football camp. I am also one of only two DSLs in the business.

I have been coaching with Fitt4Kids for just over 2 and a half years since September 2020, but have been coaching in total for 8 years.

I’d been coaching part time for years before Fitt4Kids and always thoroughly enjoyed it and been speaking with Simon for years about getting involved. In September 2020 I was delighted to come onboard full time. I enjoy seeing all children active and enjoying their sports and seeing them improve and challenge themselves. It’s very rewarding to play a part in helping with their development.

Mainly for the reasons above, every child is a different personality to engage with and everyone has different abilities in different sports. To be involved in challenging them and helping the to be better at sports and stay active is great. Also, we have a great team of coaches at Fitt4Kids and in the office and it’s great to be part of a friendly team.

Knowledge is key! Research games, drills courses and just keep updated with all relevant courses related to the job…you can always keep learning and improving.

Football! Football is my life, if I’m not coaching it I’m watching it. It’s called the beautiful game for a reason!

I’m happily married with 3 lovely children (well one is 18 and at university) and a dog called Stanley. My favourite drink is tea – literally you just can’t beat a good cup of tea! My favourite food is Pizza – I would eat pizza everyday if I could!



I am the gymnastics/ dance coach for Fitt4kids teaching in afterschool clubs at primary schools. I also assist and lead in our half term sports camps.

I have been coaching for nearly 4 years, however I started coaching at Fitt4kids in January 2022.

I became a coach because I wanted to give my knowledge and training to the younger generations, there is nothing more rewarding than teaching a class and seeing their improvements or realising they can do something they didn’t know they could. I love
working with children and creating fun, energetic and positive classes so that is why I decided to become a coach.

I love the positive environment and inclusivity that Fitt4kids provides. I love that we offer sessions for children and families that may not be able to experience or afford something like Fitt4kids and the ethos behind the company.

I would say have more self-belief as you are capable of more things than you know. Never put yourself down as everything happens for a reason and there is aways something to learn
from that.

My favourite sports are dance and netball however growing up I also enjoyed rounders and hockey.

I am also a singer as well as a dancer and have performed in many shows and musicals across the UK. Growing up I was on the Warwickshire county hockey team. My favourite animals are elephants.


I help out with the growing mountain of admin tasks!

I started with Fitt4kids on a part-time basis in September 2022.

All sorts! Mostly managing club bookings and resolving queries, liaising with parents, schools and our coaching staff. Updating company policies and website information. HR including keeping staff qualifications and DBS checks uptodate.

I work with a great bunch of people who are all really passionate about what they do. Quite often I’m a problem solver so like to think I’m helping people out. Overall its just great to be involved with children being active and having fun.

Just be yourself and have confidence in what you do. Don’t think you have to compete with others around you to be successful.

Football, although I’ll quite happily watch most sports, except snooker!

I love being by the sea, whatever the weather, sunny or stormy.
We have a family dog called Charlie who keeps me entertained at home with his silly antics!
I love a quiz, music and sport being my favourite rounds.


 I hold a Btec sports qualification so I teach sport during holiday clubs. I’m currently training to do my level 3 forest school training and enjoy running sessions at fitt4kids holiday camp.

I started my btec sports qualification in 2015. I have recently started my forest school level 3 training 2022.

Im currently training to become a forest school leader to provide sessions at holiday camp for children to learn and enjoy the outdoor environment. I have a strong passion for being outdoors and for children to learn in a woodland environment.


How keen the children are to join in with learning new experiences. It’s amazing to see how some children start off not sure about the session and during the session really enjoying the forest school environment.

I enjoy using the bill hook and I enjoy using this because the children show so much interest how we split wood. Then teaching them how to make tent pegs for our den building

Forest School is an outdoor learning environment with a child based learning that focuses on play, exploration and supported risk taking. Both problem solving and self discovery are important features of Forest Schools. Encouraging children to learn through hands on experiences and learning in a natural setting helps to develop their confidence and self-esteem.